oh darling歌词

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oh darling歌词

歌曲名:Oh! Darling歌手:Jenny Tseng专辑:Jenny Tseng Classics CollectionOh DarlingPlease Believe MeI'll Never Do You No HarmBelieve me When I Tell YouI'll Never

英文歌词:you seem quite nice for a girl with good looks and i'm the kinda fellow but please understand you seem quite shy, but you're oh so cuteand i'm the kind of

"Oh! Darling"噢,亲爱的Oh! Darling, please believe me噢,亲爱的,请相信我 I'll never do you no harm我永远都不会伤害你 Believe me when I tell you告诉你,请相信我

"oh! darling"噢,亲爱的oh! darling, please believe me噢,亲爱的,请相信我 i'll never do you no harm我永远都不会伤害你 believe me when i tell you告诉你,请相信我 i'll

真是受不了了 百度天天就知道吞我答案 这首歌是不是 stand by mewhen the night has you standstand by meso darling, darling,stand by me,oh, stand by meoh, stand,stand

是要音译歌词吗?oh~~~oh~oh~ oh~~~oh~~ 诺兔根木森素卡看尼 撇你恩嫩果你 它气唉索哦嫩 库要哼耐送古乐依 起素诺恩买兔 男仔嘎兔诺也票怎度 为-r古立心机汗gie啵依

Clementine In a cavern, in a canyon Excavating for a mine Lived a miner forty-niner And his daughter Clementine Oh my darling, oh my darling Oh my darling, Clementine

周蕙- darling周蕙2007全新大碟绽放总以为自己不受青睐没有人对我有所期待日子过得还算自由自在直到某一天你进入我的生活这才发现原来我也很可爱哦多么奇怪难道说空虚寂寞那过去是为等你而安排才显得甜蜜温暖的此刻多精彩也知道幸福快乐的未来是否为你我存在我不想猜未来就明白oh darling 我愿为你付出我的爱你若难过我也不打算开怀你的微笑让我忘了怎样哭出来我已离不开你的爱la la la 离不开~离不开你的爱~你的爱

咳咳 有好多 歌曲:oh darling 歌手:beatles 歌曲:oh darling! 歌手:flip 这个是日语歌曲:darling 歌手:范晓萱

Oh, my love, my darlingI've hungered for your touch a long, lonely time. And time goes by so slowly and time can do so much,are you still mine? I need your loveI need your